Socio Economic Contribution (S-E-C)

For most people, the idea of Social Service is donating money to a social organization - perhaps an old-age home or an orphanage or similar. This however is the easy part. The difficult part is volunteering one's time to improve society.

When can we make a contribution to society
During Phase 1

of our lifetime, perhaps up to the age of 35, we are so focused on building our careers, starting our families & establishing a name for ourselves

During Phase 2

perhaps from age of 35 thru 65, we are the most active in our work, working as a team, being able to significantly contribute to Economic Development

During Phase 3

perhaps from age 65 onwards, we are most able to contribute our time on an increased basis to social causes

S-E-C at Accuspeed is all about how we can contribute socially during Phase 2 itself while also handling Economic Development. Towards this, there are 3 areas that each of us can assist by making these a part of our day to day approach

  • Following discipline in any and everything we do
  • Providing a helping hand to people around us in any way we possibly can
  • Showing the right path forward to people around us

S-E-C in Accuspeed is primarily done by One-to-One Mentoring as each person encourages & motivates the other, towards a more purposeful & effective lifestyle.